Ashley Sheridan​

Show Your Face

Example of Show Your Face

I had quite a bit of fun working on this campaign site, which was aimed at getting people to tweet selfies that would appear on a giant screen in the Westfield shopping centre in White City. The whole event was very successful and had many entrants on the day.

The website was built responsively with great use of CSS3 box shadows across the whole site to meet the complicated design requirements. This itself posed some problems for some of the older browsers in the accepted list, with one unusual bug found on IE9 where an SVG gradient background and a rotation on the same object causing some strange cropped trapezoid-like results.

The site was based on the CodeIgniter framework due to the limitations of the hosting, but every effort was made to keep it secure, with care paid to the validation of all user-supplied data, and I built the entire back end, all the front-end Javascript, and most of the front-end styling.

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