Ashley Sheridan​


My name is Ashley Sheridan. I'm an engineering manager, full stack web developer, accessibility blogger and orator, dad of the most energetic boys in existence, and toy-fixer extraordinaire.

I operated as the web team lead and accessibility expert at Livedrive. I also write quite extensively in my blog about web accessibility, and have created various accessibility tools such as a HTML tag picker tool, and an accessibility checklist tool to help development at various stages. I do give presentations, and if you would like me to present or consult, please contact me to arrange something suitable.

Latest Blog Posts

How Can You Deal With Developer Burnout?

Stress in the workplace is sometimes unavoidable. Sometimes, a little stress can be a good thing, and some people thrive with a little pressure. The key here though, is sometimes and little. If the stress peaks too high, or is sustained for a long period, the effect can impact us in a myriad of negative ways. Over time, small amounts of stress can build up, and if we cannot deal with it in time, it

The Affects of Covid on Web Accessibility

We've been a little over 2 years now with Covid in our lives, but there's still so much we don't know about it. One aspect of that is what the enduring effects of it are for some people, or Long-Covid as it is known. These effects vary in their symptoms and severity, but they can have an impact on our lives and can prevent us from doing all the things we are used to. Contents How Many People

Building a Web-Based Character Picker

I've spent the last couple of years learning German, and one of the things I've come to rely on greatly are tools to help select the correct characters that aren't immediately available on my standard QWERTY keyboard. Even beyond foreign languages, there are countless times when I've needed to use something that wasn't easily typed, so these tools have become invaluable. Contents Not All