Ashley Sheridan​

Prime Focus Technologies

Example of Prime Focus Technologies

The PFT site required a very simple CMS to be set up for it that was as simple to use. Because it only needed a very basic set of functionality, and was not required to be multilingual, it was decided that it might be better to build a bespoke CMS for it. The site also went through several stages of design, and at one point during the project life-cycle, it underwent an entire re-design. This was made easier due to the way the data was being stored in the database, which kept the content separate from the design.

Because of server availability at the time, the site was built on a Windows server, using a MSSQL database, with PHP as the base language behind the entire site.

As well as the CMS, I completed the entire front-end based on designs supplied to me as Photoshop images, all the while keeping accessibility in mind.

Skills Used

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