Ashley Sheridan​

TMW Intranet

Example of TMW Intranet

The TMW Intranet was conceived before the move from their Chelsea office to Soho, as a platform for the company to give news to the staff and a way for the staff to share content that was previously done over email groups.

This site is built on a PHP social framework called Elgg, which was decided as the best platform to offer all of the social requirements that the project was to meet. It's been up and running for over a year now, and has been a good resource for old and new staff members alike to keep up-to-date on social events, important company news, and find out about members of staff.

One of the key aspects of the site was that it would remain up-to-date with the current staff list, and to that end I wrote several cron scripts which query the company Active Directory server and update the Elgg database directly, adding users, updating details, and archiving leavers. As well as this, a photobooth system was built with a Raspberry Pi, for which I wrote code to handle image resizing, email verification, and finally the setting of a profile image for a user.

Another interesting part of the site is the maps section, which contains interactive SVG floor layout maps for the floors that TMW staff are situated on within the building, and a Google map which allows staff to pinpoint areas of interest around Soho. This was mostly used just after the move to Soho as a way to identify the best places to eat and drink.

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