Ashley Sheridan​

The Reserve Club

Example of The Reserve Club

The Reserve Club is no longer live, and has since been rebuilt and transitioned to a different domain. It was an exclusive site for bartenders (but has since been opened up to all-comers) and used as a platform to read articles specific to the bartending industry.

This site is built on the WordPress platform with a variety of plugins for the social aspects of the site. Security is a major aspect of this site, so a lot of effort has gone into keeping it safe, and preventing access to anything within WordPress that would give out privileged information, or present any kind of risk.

One of the most intricate part of the sites is actually to do with the deployment, which happens over load balanced servers. This actually makes in-line updating of plugins and the platform extremely difficult, a challenge that I've had the pleasure of working on as part of my continual work on the site.

Skills Used

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