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Them London

Example of Them London

The Them website is for a previous agency that I worked for, and is used as a platform to show their work & clients, directions to the office and a cheeky staff page which made use of directional shadows and a movable light source.

I wasn't part of the project initially, but I was brought in after it's debut to add to the site. Among the sections I worked on, I was most proud of the Themselves section, which was a bit of a break from usual. Each photograph could be moved around by clicking and dragging, and there's an alternate funny photo activated on hover. It also works for touchscreen devices, which had been tested both on Firefox 4 & 5, as well as the iPad 1. An extra detail, when you move the images, the shadow for it moves according to an invisible light source. This light source can also be moved and is toggle-activated with the light icon toggle in the bottom corner.

Efforts have been made to ensure the site works as intended on older browsers (IE less than 9 basically) but some features will degrade gracefully without detracting from the functionality of the site.

Skills Used

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