Ashley Sheridan​

Vice Style

Example of Vice Style

The Vice Style website was created to accompany the popular lifestyle magazine, offering a more engaging and fluid form for their content.

The key feature of this site is the ability to share content across the different languages in the site, allowing for multiple administrators across the world to collaborate and share articles in several languages. This enables the content to share the same assets, be they images or video, and allow people all across the world to access the site in a version that is more tailored for them. This aspect led to a powerful custom CMS being developed to manage the site.

I first developed my image resizing function for this site, as a lot of images were uploaded to the site in a variety of sizes that needed to be re-purposed around the site in many different aspect ratios and sizes, without this impacting on the usability of the CMS.

To make the user-experience better, the users language is first picked up from the language someone has configured their web browser to use. This was felt to be far more accurate than relying on an IP address, which requires up-to-date location databases, and does not account for a person being in a foreign country. The site allows them to change this language as well, so visitors aren't stuck with a language they have little grasp of.

Skills Used

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