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blue Post Production

Example of blue Post Production

Note, this site has since been rebuilt when blue was re-branded as Prime Focus.

blue Post Productions required a new look to their website to give it a more modern breath of life. I worked on the site from supplied designs. As well as the redesign, I developed a custom-built CMS for it. This CMS allows images, audio and video clips to be uploaded to the site, and can automatically create thumbnails of various sizes for all the images. The site also makes use of a custom script that I wrote to create image headings in-place of text, which is capable of wrapping text across multiple lines using any font specified.

This site also has an accessibility advantage over its predecessor, which, as well as making it as open to the masses as possible has had the added advantage of placing it at number 3 (time of last check was 11:52 10th June 2009) for a search on "post production", just behind Wikipedia and the BBC.

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