Ashley Sheridan​

Flora Sandwich Studio

Example of Flora Sandwich Studio

This site was nominated for an IAB Creative Showcase award and was a wonderful project to work on. The site was part of a campaign to encourage the interest of children in the classic lunchtime food: the humble sandwich. This was done with a competition that allowed them to upload their drawings, and a personalised sandwich cutter made from that would be created and sent to winners.

During the competition, a 3D printer was used to create mock-ups of cutters (although not the ones sent to the children, as the process hasn't been approved in this country for food items yet!), and used modern features of browsers such as HTML5 canvas to show a preview of the image before it was even uploaded.

The site was available as both a stand-alone responsive website and as a Facebook tab, utilising the same backend database with a simple admin interface for selecting winners and approving photos, as the site was aimed at children, so some care was needed. The Laravel framework was used as the basis for the site, which sped up the development process greatly.

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