Ashley Sheridan​

Lynx Apollo

Example of Lynx Apollo

This site is no longer online, as it had a short campaign life span. It was one of the ways to enter the competition Lynx was running to send people into space. The site was built on the Laravel PHP framework, with a responsive front-end layout. The site was fairly simple, consisting mostly of a form with very strong front and back-end validation, especially around the area where entrants were to enter their batch codes from Lynx Apollo products, for which I wrote regular expressions which I built into the validation.

The site also has a custom CAPTCHA which used simple questions instead of using a traditional image-based one. The reasons for doing this was to make a captcha more accessible, which, if you've ever listened to an audio representation of something like ReCaptcha, you will understand! Although simple, there were no spam entries posted to the competition form.

Skills Used

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