Ashley Sheridan​

Persil Kids Today

Example of Persil Kids Today

The Kids Today campaign was intended to inspire parents to commit to doing something amazing with their children. This site was about giving the parents ideas, and asking for them to choose one thing to commit to doing with their child, which would be shown as a poll-like graph at the end of the process.

Underneath the hood this uses the Laravel framework, and boasts an entirely responsive front-end which fluidly adapts for all screen sizes, without the large jumps that a breakpoint-driven responsive site gives. I used this site as the chance to begin development of a complicated form builder for Unilever projects, that uses database-driven rules to both build the form and validate submissions on the back-end. It also builds the form up with as much HTML5 form validation as is possible, which Javascript can tap into to compliment it in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

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