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Sure Festival Campaign

Example of Sure Festival Campaign

The Sure Festivale campaign site was based on a framework I have spent time putting together based ontop of Laravel, specifically for Unilever. This allowed me to more easily build the form, which is entirely database driven, with all validation built automatically. This was quite an interesting one to work on, as the form required validation which is not typical, such as validating the product batch code using regular expressions, and automatically adapting the form fields to various time milestones. Also, the front-end validation automatically pulled in these changes, as the form views added HTML5 form validation to all fields.

As well as the form altering itself for various time periods, the content of the site did too, as it was necessary for this to happen over weekends and bank holidays, out of regular office hours.

Part of the original spec of the site (but later dropped) was a Twitter feed using a pre-determined hashtag. As it would have been too time consuming and costly for a person to manually approve posts before being displayed, I wrote a profanity filter which built regular expressions based on a list of list of "bad" words, exchanging each letter with a character range of letter-like characters, to then run against the tweet to replace the profanity. This worked very well, and I even built in a provision for mis-spelled words, pluralisation, and putting space-like characters into words to avoid detection. Obviously, like any system it wasn't perfect, but it was felt a lot better than a typical find/replace system which would result in cbuttic failed replacements!

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