Ashley Sheridan​

Sure Skipathon

Example of Sure Skipathon

The Sure Skipathon mobile site was quite a fun project to work on. The basic premise was to get people more active for Sports Relief, and this did that be getting people to compete against each other to perform the most skips through the website, which used the phones accelerometer to track jumps over the on-screen rope. The front-end of the site was built on React.js and used an HTML5 canvas to draw the rope.

My responsibility was to build the backend that this sat on, for which I used Laravel that implemented my custom CMS (used on other projects like Lynx Bigger Issues and Sure Festival Campaign). This enabled the backend to be built much more quickly resulting in a lot of saved time. This gave us a great buffer to use when we ran into deployment problems outside of our control on the production server.

The site also featured OAuth integration with Facebook and Twitter to allow users to sign in and their name be added to the scoreboard more easily. This route was chosen to help populate the leaderboard with real names instead of something less savoury.

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